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18 ct ring made in yellow gold with Round Brilliant Cut Stones. Available in 1.22 ct  equivalent.


18 ct ring made in yellow gold with Round Brilliant Cut Stones. Avai.


Platinum Ring with Curve Style


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18 ct ring made in yellow gold with Round Brilliant Cut Stones. Available in 1.42 ct equivalent.


18 ct ring made in yellow gold with Round Brilliant Cut Stones. Avai.


Gold Ring with Luxury Stone


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Diamond Pendant with Necklace


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Purple Diamond Stones with White Necklace


Royal Jewelry is Aenean arcu tortor suscipit vitae hendrerit condime.


Gold Ring with Luxury Stone


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18 ct gold Ring with Curve Style engraved in round brilliant cut stones.


18 ct ring made in yellow gold with Round Brilliant Cut Stones. Avai.


18 ct ring crafted in yellow gold, features multiple of round brilliant diamonds stimulant.


Sparkle and shine effortlessly with this 0.75-carat diamond stimulan.


Ring with 0.88 ct equivalent diamond stimulant weight


Treat yourself to a little bit of decadence with this 18ct yellow go.


Gold Ring with Luxury Stone


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How to Shop for Engagement Rings: A Complete Buying Guide

The right engagement ring can bring light your big day to surprise her. Use this guide to begin your quest to buy the perfect engagement ring.

Now when you’ve decided to pop that question which will change your life, you need to do little shopping before you plan to start your happily-after life with future bride. It is natural to feel highly irresistible when you plan to shop for engagement rings. Technical the first question that comes in your mind is how much you should spend? What style to pick? Or what design you should consider, before you make your final decision.

Follow these simple tips to pick out the perfect engagement ring for your bride:

Science behind choosing right style

Buying an engagement ring for women is nothing like buying any other item.  There are numerous factors that affect the quality, beauty, appearance, and cost.  Understanding the taste of your bride in jeweler is very important. Is she more modern or classic? Does she wear more of gold metal or white metal? Does she like wearing chunky jeweler or delicate? Before you step out to shop you should have a preference in mind. If you buy something that she already likes then you can never go wrong.

Deciding on how much you want to spend

When it comes to engagement rings, you will be confronted with huge variety of choices. Before you start with your shopping have a piece of range ready with now to narrow down your selection. To find the right engagement ring as per your budget, going fairly down with parameters with help the jeweler

Know her ring size

On the off chance that she wears rings, acquire one she as of now possesses. Follow the inward hover on a bit of paper, or press the ring into a bar of cleanser for an impression. You can likewise slide it down one of your own fingers and draw a line where it stops. A goldsmith can utilize these estimations to recognize her surmised ring size.

On the off chance that she doesn’t wear rings, gauge in the accompanying way: The normal ring size in the Australia is 6 (in light of the ‘normal’ Australia female being 5’4″ tall and weighing 140 lbs.) If she’s more slim, or fine-boned, her ring size is likely in the 4 1/2 to 5 1/2 territory. In the event that she is heavier, bigger boned or taller, her ring size is most likely in the 6 1/2 to 7 1/2 territory. It’s constantly better to purchase a ring somewhat greater than you might suspect she’ll require, in light of the fact that measuring a ring down is significantly less demanding than expanding its size.


Know her favorite cutting style and shape

If the bride hasn’t made it easier for you by giving her option about the ring or admiring someone else ring, then keep these thoughts in mind when you consider the shape of the ring.

Of your married life she will be wearing this ring every day. It will need to go with every outfit she like to wear, western dresses like jeans or traditional wear like sarees. If you are uncertain about what type of style and shape of diamond she will prefer, then sticking to the classic is most sensible way. You can chose between round or square shape diamonds. These are most classic style of rings as they appeal most of the women. You cannot go wrong with them.

In multi stone ring, certainshape pair more successfully with other shapes. Marquise shape, round shape, or oval shape work perfectly while sitting side by side. Heart shape diamond or pear shaped is more often categorize as challenging.


Preference in shape and style of diamond may reflect in other aspects as well. If the bride prefers modern and clean lines in furniture, then you can pick up rectangular shaped unique engagement rings.If she tends more towards traditional, then chose a round shaped ring. Is her taste bohemian or eclectic? She may like more unusual shapes like marquise or triangle.


A precious stone’s slicing style alludes to its aspect course of action, instead of its shape. Round-molded jewels, for instance, are cut in the splendid style − a course of action of 57 or 58 aspects intended to expand the precious stone’s radiance and limit the presence of incorporations. The less the features, the more noticeable any incorporations will be, so a cutting style, for example, a stage cut (a.k.a. emerald cut), for instance, requires higher clearness in the jewel.

Deciding over setting


Think of her as way of life and how well a specific setting configuration will fit into it. In the event that she’s more dynamic or outdoorsy, search for bring down profile, less resplendent or more secure mountings, which are more averse to get thumped against or captured on things. On the off chance that she’s to a greater extent a model, search for proclamation settings, with a higher stone profile, more mind boggling ring specifying or a novel theme.


While there are interminable outline decisions you can make for her ring, there are some essential setting writes you are probably going to experience:



A solitary stone is still the most mainstream style decision in wedding bands. In the event that prong set, the head secures the precious stone and the prongs enable the jewel to get the most light. A six-prong setting is more secure than four prongs. A bezel setting is significantly more secure and ensures the support of the stone, however enables the precious stone to get less light than a prong setting. Enjoy the best Solitaire Ring shopping at Dream Diamonds.


Little jewels or different gemstone that flanks the bigger focus stone for extra shimmer or shading. Prominent side stone settings incorporate prong, channel (which ensures stones by keeping them flush), and bar-channel (which enables all the more light to enter the side stones).


Regularly, the precious stones are a similar shape with the middle jewel bigger than the two side stones.


The inside stone is encompassed by little gemstones in a clear (pah-vey) setting, typically precious stones, to add shimmer and to give the presence of a bigger focus stone. What are you waiting for , shop for a Halo Engagement Rings at Dream diamonds.


You can choose a stunning diamond engagement ring in gold or platinum setting. You can also select beautiful styles such as vintage engagement ring.  A diamond ring is a most popular type of ring behind standard round shape setting. Here at Dream Diamonds, You will get selected & the trendy styles in Diamond Engagement Rings.


You’re not looking through rose-hued glasses — these rose gold engagement rings are extremely similarly as delightful as you figure they may be! It’s a well-known fact that this rose gold setting has been a noteworthy wedding band drift the recent years. She will definitely love it, here at Dream diamonds , a renowned online store for Rose Gold Engagement Ring.


Finding the correct metal for a wedding band is similarly as critical as the jewel or gemstone it will hold. It’s an ideal opportunity to purchase a wedding band — and there are such huge numbers of variables to consider. Picking the metal alone is a more mind boggling choice than it used to be. Gold is to a great degree flexible metal, and the most widely recognized decision for gems. The standard estimation of gold is a carat, which is separated into 24 sections. Unadulterated gold is 24 karats, which means 24 out of 24 sections are gold. Go ahead & pick the choicest ones in Gold Engagement Rings here at Dream Diamonds.


EMERALD CUT ENGAGEMENT RINGS are Emerald-molded precious stones which are made utilizing the progression cut. This distinct difference is conspicuous difference to the round precious stone, which broadly uses the splendid cut. As its name suggests, the progression cut comprises of step-like aspects, which are very substantial, and get littler as they achieve the focal point of the precious stone.  Get the best collection of EMERALD CUT ENGAGEMENT RINGS here at Dream Diamonds.


Silver cut precious stones have bigger tables, have a tendency to seem bigger than their carat weight, can extend one’s finger, are less fit for concealing imperfections and poor shading, and depend especially on the nature of the stone’s cut. Take advantage of shopping for Silver Engagement Rings here at Dream Diamonds.



Regardless of whether you settle on a sapphire focus stone or a ring with sapphire accents, this rich blue diamond merits getting to know.In old societies, sapphire charms were thought to have solid therapeutic and defensive forces. Symbolizing trustworthiness and astuteness, sapphires soon turned into the favored jewel of medieval sovereignty and church. She will like the sapphire engagement rings for sure from The Elite Dream Diamonds Club..



Princess cut engagement rings are among the most prominent kind of wedding band accessible. It is typically a square, however now and again a rectangular formed jewel with sharp, un-decreased corners. No doubt, there are many advantages of princess cut ring.


You should investigate princess cut wedding bands as the ideal decision if your accomplice loves square shapes and symmetrical outline, which gives an excellent present day commitment ring. Since it loses less of the first unpleasant jewel amid the cutting procedure; princess cut wedding bands can give you an incredible measured stone for generally not as much as different cuts. Explore Dream Diamonds for your Prince Cut Engagement Rings choices.


Start with doing homework

Before you set your foot inside jewelry store there is lot you can start with learning about. Begin with learning about 4Cs that is Color, Cut, Carat Weight, and Clarity. This will help you to understand the overall appearance of the diamond and how each of these 4Cs influences the value of diamond.

Deciding on the mental

A highly durable metal like diamond engagement ring is meant to stay for lifetime. They withstand many decades of daily wear. Once you have shortlisted your ring, ask your jeweler to give you sample of different looks with other Meta. Metal color is a preference choice. You can choose from white, rose, or yellow. The color is considered since appearance of diamond color is affected by its surroundings.

Search for a jeweler

You don’t need have to do it alone. A trained jeweler will make sure that the process of buying engagement ring is stress free for you. They will educate you about 4Cs of quality of diamond, help you narrow your choices for a perfect fit, answer all your queries, and assist you within your budget. Always find a jeweler with a professional training and good reputation. A good place to start with will be asked your friends and relatives for some references.  Ensure that you ask your jeweler about independent grading report to validate the quality before purchasing the diamond.

Buying a ring can be easier than you think. Start with knowing her taste preferences, educate yourself with 4Cs, and find a good jeweler. Have fun in complete process of searching and surprise your love by putting the perfect engagement ring on her finger.

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