Diamond Studs for Everyday Wear

Diamond Studs for Everyday Wear

Diamond Studs for everyday wear | Dream Diamonds Jewellery

Trying to catch a Diamond Stud? Our jewel studs will help you do so! 

Earrings are a staple for any outfit today. They complete the look with panache and pizzazz. But what you NEED to enhance your style are some trendy lab-grown diamond studs. Yes, lab-grown diamonds are real and authentic; they mirror every quality of a mined diamond optically and physically. While you could play it safe and stick to a natural diamond, it’s time you venture out of your comfort zone and spice up your fashion game with our man-made ones. 

What is a Stud Earring?

Earrings come in various shapes, sizes, and styles. It becomes overwhelming to choose from clusters, hoops, drops, and danglers. That’s why we’re here to help! A diamond stud is a simple and versatile style of earrings. It consists of a singular gemstone or diamond that has multiple carat weights and styles! 

Why are lab-grown diamond studs better?

Aside from their ease of fabrication, lab-grown diamonds promote sustainability. Natural diamonds cause the destruction of ecosystems and utilize vast amounts of energy during mining. The gems at Dream Diamonds do not harm the environment and have a much smaller carbon footprint. Secondly, diamonds come with a high price attached to them. Since it is easier to create diamonds in a lab, they are less expensive. They won’t cost a fortune and your pocket will thank you! 

What is a Good Size for Everyday Diamond Studs?

Diamond studs can add the perfect touch of femininity and elegance to any ensemble. But you don’t want to be bogged down by heavy earrings on the day-to-day, do you? The ideal size of studs for everyday wear are any earrings within the 0.25 and 1.0 total carat weight range. Lightweight and simple, they will enhance your appearance and give you the ultimate effortless grace. 

Our Top Diamond Stud Picks


1. Round 4 Prong Solitaire

With a circular-shaped diamond set with four prongs, these studs are the description of classy and timeless. They are ideal for every day because they aren’t heavy and will have all heads turning in your direction.



2. Round Bezel Set Solitaire

Not a fan of the pronged look? We’ve got something for you too! These round bezel set studs are refined and depict a mature taste. Their simplicity will ensure that you always dress to the nines!



3. Pear Solitaire Studs

While the round shape is ageless, you’ve got to switch things up on the daily too! The pear-shaped solitaires are like a seamlessly captured drop of water, letting you drip in finesse. Cozy and convenient, they are a MUST-HAVE in your collection! 


4. Round Three Stone Stud

Solitaires aren’t the only pair of studs you should have, our three round stone earrings are a fancier choice to add charm and charisma to your get-up. 


5. Cushion Halo Studs 

As comfortable as a plush pillow, our cushion halo studs are the top pick for you! Encircled with diamonds, these earrings always give you a sense of glam and glitter. The best way to stay ‘a-la-mode’, get this pair now!

We hope you found a pair of studs that suit your liking! If not, head to our website where your online mine for diamonds will begin!