Unisex Diamond Jewellery - The NAAS Collection

Unisex Diamond Jewellery - The NAAS Collection

Unisex Diamond Jewellery - The NAAS Collection – Dream Diamonds Jewellery

The new age of unisex diamond jewellery

The greatest gift that the fashion revolution has given us has been the freedom and absolute joy of self-expression. Be it through clothes, makeup, shoes, or accessories, creativity, and style know no bounds and THAT has got to be our favorite part! A trend we’ve been seeing and loving that has blown up in recent times has been that of unisex jewellery. Transcending the idea of gender based jewellery is quite the fashion statement and we say it's a BIG SLAY!

Here are some of our top picks from the line that we absolutely love, and our favourite ways to style them:

1. The signet ring:

Bold, chunky rings have taken over trend-ville come 2023 and we gotta say, we’re SOLD! There’s something so versatile about white gold that compliments every kind of lab-grown diamond and looks like a dream. 

Style tip: Sporting multiple rings is a stand-alone statement that works wonderfully well with street styles and casual attires. To shake things up, pair the Signet Ring with any white gold or silver jewellery of your choice in a similar colour tone/palette to make your accessories the highlight of the outfit.

2. The medal fashion pendant:

Throwing on a neck-piece quickly turns any outfit into a LOOK in a matter of seconds, and you can't tell us otherwise. The medal fashion pendant laced in yellow gold is a go-to accessory that exudes power, confidence, and sheer panache, screams contemporary, and looks just fabulous on EVERY body!

Style tip: Layering this fashion pendant with delicate gold chains in various sizes is a winner in our books. If you’re feeling fancy and want to go the extra mile, we highly recommend customizing the diamonds, playing with cuts, colours, and shapes, and rocking multiple pendants at once!

3. The chain solitaires:

We’ve always believed in this and we’ll say it again: DIAMONDS ARE FOR EVERYBODY! Every occasion, every mood, every look. These chain solitaires are showstoppers and look divine on their own or well….paired with more diamonds!

Style tip: You can never go wrong with stacking diamond jewellery, experimenting with all kinds of metals, and being the life of the party everywhere you go. To keep things subdued and subtle, rock your solitaire chain as a solo piece and let the lab-grown diamond do all the talking!

If you’re looking for something to spice up your everyday looks or dabble with gender neutral diamond accessories, LOOK NO FURTHER….Dream Diamonds x NAAS has got you covered! This one-of-a-kind collaboration is inspired by the dynamic nature of fashion, the evolution of style, and all things vogue. The result is a collection of sustainable diamond jewellery that's kind to the environment, efficiently tech-savvy, and effortlessly chic!

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