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We offer repair services on Jewellery  purchased from Dream Diamonds only. Please email us on with  the item details and they will be able to provide an estimate and advise approximate timescales for the repair.

TW stands for 'total weight'. When you add up all of the diamonds on a piece of jewellery or in a set, this equals the total weight.

A carat is the unit of measurement used to measure the weight of diamonds and other gemstones, as well as the purity of gold.

When referring to rose, white or yellow gold, the number of carats tells you how much metal is in a particular piece, as a percentage. Pure gold, for example, is designated 24 carat, while 14 carat gold is around 58.30% percent gold.

At Dream Diamonds , we make it easy for you to tell whether we are talking about diamond carats or gold carats.Carat will always be spelled out when referring to a diamond, while 'ct' will be used for gold. 

Cultured freshwater pearls are humanity's work at duplicating what nature first started. A "seed" - typically a round bead made of mother pearl is inserted into the freshwater mollusc. After three years, you have a pearl! 

All of our gemstones are natural unless specifically stated in the product title and product description.

 Diamonds mean many things in life - a promise, an investment, an heirloom, a token of our most precious memories. We want you to feel confident that the diamonds/stones you select today will be there for all your tomorrows. It's our promise that through all of life's changes, our commitment to you will stay the same.
We offer, free of charge:
• We will replace any diamond/stones covered by our Dream Diamonds Lifetime jewellery Warranty if it chips or breaks from its original setting during normal wear. This includes labour and materials for setting the replacement diamond/stone.
• We provide a Dream Diamonds Certificate of Authenticity that guarantees your diamond is a natural diamond or lab generated diamonds with each of the characteristics outlined in the certificate. The Certificate of Authenticity also guarantees the metal content to be the stated purity.

Your Dream Diamonds jewellery was hand crafted to stand the test of time, so you'll always have that sparkling reminder of how your story first began. If you follow these simple steps for daily care, your diamond will always be there.

  • Polish regularly with a polishing cloth 

  • Gentle hand wash with warm water and a small amount of detergent*

  • Ensure your jewellery piece is completely dry before storing

  • When storing your jewellery, keep it away from dust, in a breathable package 

*excludes glitter finish and some selected jewellery


 Lifetime warranty guarantees that we will service your product free of charge for a lifetime in case of any manufacturer's defect. Please read our Return Policy for more detailed information.

 Dream Diamonds operates  with local appearance. Our office is registered with the legal and commercial authorities in Australia. We are a rooted company and we work continuously to expand our local offices to provide our customers with better services.

 Dream Diamonds has a large team of  in-house designers. Each design is created by dedicated Dream Diamonds designers.

 Yes, you can cancel it within the first 60 minutes following your order. You need to sign in to your DREAM DIAMONDS account first. Once you are signed-in, you can visit "My Account" page, view your orders and edit or cancel your order. Editing or cancelling an order can only is performed by the customer, not by the customer support team.

 Currently Dream Diamonds only sells online in order to present you with the largest variety of options possible.

 We don't have any commercial agreements or B2B partners at the moment. If you see Dream Diamonds products sold by any other jewelers, it means that those are not genuine Dream Diamonds  products and not under our warranty.

 We do not offer any demo products but we do offer a very flexible Return Policy, so you don't need to worry about placing an order and not liking it. Our Return Policy gives you a chance to return your product within 60 days following the receipt of your order as long as it meets the return conditions. Please read our Return Policy for further information.

 Don't worry if your ring doesn't fit your finger because you can send your ring back for free resizing within the first 60 days following the receipt of your order. Please read our Return Policy for further information.

 Our company gift boxes are provided only with the purchase and cannot be sold separately.

 Buying on the Dream diamonds website is just like having a private jewellery store dedicated to yourself. It is very easy to browse any product and see it with the metal and gemstone combination. The store is available to you 24/7 and you can access it at the comfort of your home, office, even at a cafe while you relax and chat with your friends.

Dream Diamonds online store offers you various payment methods as well as a customer oriented customer support team that will assist you with any of your queries. Moreover, you don't need to do anything except for making your payment and waiting for the courier! Your product will be carefully shipped only for you and delivered to your door. And all of this will be at very competitive prices as well as the highest quality standards. Spare a little time and browse our products to discover more benefits.

  If you are expecting an order confirmation email but you haven't received it please make sure that your payment has gone through and you have seen the order confirmation page on our website. If you are sure that the transaction was successful, check your spam folder to make sure the confirmation email was not blocked by your inbox. If you still can't see it you can contact our customer support team for assistance. Don't forget to add us in your safe email list, if you are using increased security settings for your inbox. 

 No, our rings are not hollow inside. Our products are solid.

 You can see the product photos along with their 3D images on the product pages. You can also scroll down on a product page to see if there are any photos shared by our customers for further reference

 If you are planning a surprise and you are not sure about the size of the ring, you can always order the average ring size and send it back to us for resizing within the first 60 days of receipt of your product.

The average ring size varies between size -M (U.K) 6 (USA) for women. Please check our Ring Size Guide for further information.

 Yes, you can edit your ring size within the first 60 minutes following your order. You need to sign in to your Dream Diamonds account first. Once you are signed-in, you can visit "My Account" page, view your orders and click edit. This can only be performed by the customer, not by the customer support team.

 As our production and return systems are fully automated, we cannot manually change the process. Changing a ring size is only possible after you enter the correct ring size on our online return form and submit it to our system. Please wait until you receive your product and follow the resizing steps.  

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 No, currently we don't offer catalogs as you can view and create many more product variations on our website. All our designs are as close to you as your mobile device.

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 Yes, your product will be identical to what you see on the product page. Please remember that you zoom in to see the product details on the product page and the products look a little bigger than life size.

 No, we don't. Our website is 100% secure and your payment transaction is encrypted. We don't store your credit card number or password. Please visit our Security Policy for further information.

 Dream Diamonds operates online avoiding many unnecessary costs while many retailers are obliged to high costs of operating in physical stores. You can read our Pricing Policy for more information.