Fancy Dress Ring


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  • Description
  •  2 Lines Fancy Dress Ring in Yellow Gold in 14 ct with 2.00 carat equivalent. Simply irresistible design, this cluster of round brilliant diamond stimulant stone. The timeless beauty of this eye catching ring will make her feel like a princess.

  • Product Detail
  • Style Fancy
    Metal Color Yellow Gold
    Metal Content 14 ct
    Stone Color Diamond Stimulant in White colour
  • Our Stones
  • You will find diamond-like stones at Dream Diamond. Our man-made white stones are what the
    jewellery industry calls diamond simulants. A simulation is a copy and the best things we do the copy.
    Using the latest technology in diamond simulants, our superior quality stones are made in laboratories
    from the natural mineral base zirconium oxide.

    Like the finest quality unearthed diamonds, our stones also possess such qualities. Compared to the
    diamonds, they are visibly whiter and brighter. Even the naked eye cannot tell the difference between a
    Dream Diamond simulant and a mined diamond.

    To ensure for maximum fire, brilliance and scintillation, our stones are cut to the same exact proportions
    and standards demanded by the diamond industry. Our customers also compared to the average mined
    diamond and noticed that our diamond simulants have more sparkle. The reason behind their glaze is
    the superior clarity of stones, plus the cut just like a diamond. As our jewellery is simply beautiful and
    does not cost the Earth, Dream Diamond resonates with our customers. Our stones are proudly man-
    made and conflict-free. On the Earth, Their production has a lesser impact plus they’re a fraction of the
    retail price of a mined diamond. We aim to provide the world with a better beautiful.

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    If your order is placed on a weekend or public holiday it will be processed on the next business day. 

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     If you are not satisfied with your order, you are welcome to return your item to Dream Diamonds either for a refund or resizing request. Submit return order form which can be filled just in a couple of simple clicks. Print it out and send it back with the item. Once the return order form is submitted, you will receive the instructions to your email address on how to proceed with the return. Please read through our return policy before sending the item back to us.


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