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2022 Jewellery Trends from Around The World

2022 Jewellery Trends from Around The World – Dream Diamonds Jewellery

Bling It On: 2022 Jewellery Trends from Around The World

It’s 2022, and the world is recovering from the pandemic paranoia. People are pitched back into the frenzy of socializing with a vengeance. And yet, outlooks have changed, moods have shifted, and matters that matter are now given due consideration. Here’s our take on the jewellery trends in the year 2022, where everyone’s longing for bling but with feeling. If you’re wondering what we’re on about, read on:

Trend 1: Maximalist Earrings


I like big hoops and I can not lie! We can’t help but break out into song as we talk about how size matters once again… at least when it comes to diamond splendour. Big hoops and chandelier earrings make their way back to the top of the trends charts as people want to flaunt their ‘wears’ in public. Diamonds of various shapes and sizes make their way into stunning designs that catch the eye and make a bold statement. After two years of dressing simply, it’s time to strut out with the jauntiest pair of earrings with exquisite craftsmanship and magnificent form.

Trend 2: Hope & Joy


After the solitude of our worry and the sacred nature of our vigil since 2020, currently, symbols of hope, joy, and luck have brought peace to many. While some hold on to symbols of great meaning in their necklaces and bracelets, others use bright pops of vivid colour to express their joie de vivre at being alive and well. We’re talking bright hues for boisterous spirits and talismans as a tangible expression of life. You’re sure to find diamond studded evil-eye bracelets or constellation and birth sign pendants on chains. On the other hand, there is a playful nature to multicolored jewellery pieces, either using enamel or colour stones amidst scintillating diamonds.

Trend 3: Old & Bold


Yes, your great grandma probably owned a rivière necklace. The trend is as old as gold and just as timeless. Today the tennis necklace makes a comeback in shorter lengths with similar sized and shaped diamonds or an aesthetic assortment. While some prefer a single file of analogous diamonds, others choose graduating sizes or a mix of fancy shapes. These can be layered with other neckpieces of choice to enhance your formal and casual attire. Another necklace trend is that of bold chains, from lengthy links to T-lock twines to Y neck sautoirs. Layer these with stylish thin chains, or go big with rows of chunky chains with assorted diamond danglers or locks.

Trend 4: Hankering for a Stack-o-rings


It’s a time for all hands on deck. And when your hands are needed at the helm, it’s important to flaunt them with the best possible accessories – diamond rings. Yes, notice the use of the plural since it’s no longer about a classic band. Now is the time for statement rings on multiple fingers - from diamond, gap rings to bold pieces to solitaire bands to eternity circlets to middle-grounder rings that fit along the finger. People are stacking their bands to opt for a simpler to a more complex look depending on the occasion. One can never be enough now and why should it? Maximalism is the way to go.

Trend Forever: Conscious Choices

While trends will come and go, it has taken a wayward bat to show the world at large about the finite nature of life and the value of resources that we’ve been blasé about. Today the world is moving more determinedly towards conscious living. There is no denying the harm that mined diamonds cause with the craters they require dug into the earth, the cruelty or danger to miners, and the smuggling resulting from the conflict. With the alternative of lab-grown diamonds to take the burden off Mother Earth, lovers of bling are making wiser choices to help the environment and their pockets. After all, a lab-grown diamond has the same properties as a mined one and therefore has the same appeal, beauty, and scintillation. From duchesses to actors to lovers of sparkle, everyone is making the move to use lab-grown diamonds in their jewellery hereon.

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