At Dream Diamonds, we understand the importance of protecting the environment for future generations. We are committed to promoting an alternative to traditionally mined diamonds and providing you with socially responsible jewellery. With our pieces, we enable our customers to make a conscious choice.


Two trusted industry leaders come together to bring you the very best in Lab-Grown Diamonds. Our high-quality jewellery is manufactured using state-of-the-art technology and moulded into stylish designs, brought directly to you at wholesale prices.

Kevin Stein & Deanne Dozetas

Kevin Stein, a trained GIA Gemmologist, started his Diamond experience in 1983. His fine jewellery and diamonds knowledge is exemplary, having been wholesaling to the South African and Australian market for 40 years. Kevin’s company has successfully launched and provided quality brand name diamonds and jewellery to the Australian retail market. In addition, he has a close association with very notable diamond and jewellery manufacturers worldwide.

Kevin is joined by his daughter Deanne who has a degree in Psychology. Although she has a real passion for Diamonds and Jewellery, she has a genuine concern about the environment and the steps being taken to make the earth a cleaner planet for future generations. She has worked with her father for almost two decades and has been actively involved in jewellery designing and marketing.

Adrian & Matthew Zamel

Adrian Zamel has been a member of the Jewellery industry since 1967. Starting with locally custom-made jewellery supplying to his parents Lily and Philip Zamel, he quickly became the largest manufacturer in Adelaide. Adrian was instrumental in forming the National Jewellery Valuation Council or NCJV (the South Australian Branch) and committed his time to the Goldsmiths Guild of SA and the Australian Jewellers Association. He and the Zamel Family successfully operated one of the largest retail jewellery chains with 135 stores in Australia for over 50 years.

Adrian is joined by his son Matthew who worked in the family’s retail operations. Matthew is a GAA certified and experienced Diamond trader, advisor, and agent. He offers customers 20+ years of experience, strong credibility, and a distinct family heritage steeped in diamond trading and jewellery.

The Zamel and Stein family association spans over 25 years, giving you the confidence to buy Dream Diamonds, a provenance of two reputed Australian Diamond Traders.

Our Commitment to the Environment

While diamonds are coveted for their sparkle, value and shine, mining them does a fair share of damage to our environment. For each carat of diamond mined, nearly 100 sq feet of land is disturbed, and almost 6000 lbs of mineral waste is created. Extensive mining has harmful effects on air and water quality, ecosystems, and leads to greenhouse gas emissions. The carbon footprint of mined diamonds is 20 times greater than lab-grown diamonds, with grown diamonds emitting just 6 pounds of carbon compared to a massive 125 pounds for a single mined diamond.

Our diamonds are inherently and significantly less detrimental to the environment. They are 100% conflict-free as they are made in a controlled laboratory setting, drastically reducing the impact on natural resources. The well-being of our employees and scientists is of prime importance, and we adhere to all labour laws and regulations. The demand for ethically sourced, environmentally sustainable and more affordable diamonds is rising, and Dream Diamonds is here to help you find your perfect eco-friendly diamond.


Yes, buying a lab grown diamond is a great investment if bought from a reputed lab grown diamond supplier such as Dream Diamonds. Lab grown diamonds are the future of affordable luxury. Lab grown diamond are chemically, physically and optically identical to mined diamonds and cost 60-70% less for the same sparkle.