3 reasons lab-grown diamonds are getting popular

3 reasons lab-grown diamonds are getting popular

3 reasons lab-grown diamonds are getting popular – Dream Diamonds Jewellery

There’s a new diamond in town that is 60-70% cheaper than mined diamonds but just as stunningly beautiful! We’re talking about lab-grown diamonds. They’re cheaper, durable, and just as gorgeous as a real diamond. We’re all falling in love with them more and more so it might be a good idea to know what exactly makes them so popular and why there’s a preference for them over mined diamonds.

Lab-Grown Diamonds Are Ethical

We’re falling out of love with mined diamonds, slowly breaking away because of the environmental and humanitarian toll of extracting them. Diamond mining has been linked to pollution of water sources used by local people as minerals from the mined rocks seep into the water supply. Mining has also caused the destruction of habitats in many parts of the world. In Canada, over 18,000 fish were killed while draining a lake for diamond mining. In India, diamond mines have placed highly endangered tiger populations under pressure.

Since the advent of the pandemic and online shipping, we expect good corporate citizenship from brands. We want to support brands and shop products that reduce waste and carbon footprints and treat their employees well. Technology consistently improves human life. Lab-grown diamonds are one of the innumerable products advanced technologies make possible. These stones have a far less deleterious impact on the environment than mined diamonds. Lab-grown diamonds are just an ethically better option. 

Lab-Grown Diamonds Cost Less

Lab-grown diamonds are in demand because they shine at a smaller price. Even though they are cheaper, they are still a luxury item, which explains why couples getting engaged are some of today’s biggest lab-grown diamond buyers. They are also easy to find! As they are man-made, the options for cuts and sizes and bands are endless, and all for reasonable prices. Lab-grown diamonds can be cut into an infinite number of shapes. If you are after something bespoke, a lab grown rock would fit the bill. Colored gemstones are also fast-growing in popularity. Lab-grown diamonds can be made in these hues of green, pink, and black.

Lab-Grown Diamonds Shine More!

Lab grown diamonds can be grown up to a weight of around 10 carats. Meghan Markle’s pair of glittering drop earrings embedded with lab-grown diamonds took just five days to grow them. There are two ways they are made:

High-Pressure, High-Temperature Technique, which uses pressure and heat to transform carbon into a single crystal Diamond that is about as fine as a human hair, called a diamond seed. This is the starter stone from which the gemstone will grow. 

Chemical Vapour Deposition is the second system. This is a bit like 3D printing, where fine layers are applied to a diamond seed in a vacuum chamber.

These techniques allow jewelers to create diamonds of up to 10K in size!

Lab-grown diamonds are absolutely beautiful and they’re so popular all over because they are cheaper, more ethical, generally better looking. It’s amazing that they grow in a lab. Visit Dream Diamonds and voyage for a piece of lab-grown diamond jewellery you won’t stop admiring in the months and years to come!