How To Create Your Perfect Stack Of Rings

How To Create Your Perfect Stack Of Rings

How To Create Your Perfect Stack Of Rings – Dream Diamonds Jewellery

Stacking rings can be tricky. A wrong mix of metals and shapes. Too many bold ones or too many rings on one hand. But it's also trending, and we're loving it. So, don’t worry. Follow these simple steps and we promise you, your stack of rings is going to be stunning!


Simplicity Is Key 

Dainty and delicate rings are made for stacking and it doesn’t require the effort of trial and error stacking bold and chunky rings may need. For an effortless style, try using our dainty rings such as Marquise Lab. The dainty and thin will add a more balanced look. However, good statement rings are always perfect for adding a personal touch to your stack, try adding the Domed Fashion Band, one of Multirow Fashion Bands, or Halo Fashion Ring. Simplicity is key! So, be sure to spread them out and not clutter them all on one finger.



A Thick To Thin Stack 

This step is not just about shapes. It’s also about pairing standard rings with midi rings. To get an effortlessly sophisticated yet playful look, try pairing stones with fun symbols, for example, pair our Pear And Round Ring with the Pear And Oval Ring and Diamond Stackable Ring. Adding some smaller sizes to put halfway down the finger is the perfect way to glam up your everyday look. Get your normal-size rings. Suitable rings for this are the Diamond Stackable Ring, Pear And Round Ring, and the Pear And Oval Ring. A good rule of thumb is to go thick to thin. Place the thicker rings at the base of your finger and finish the finger with thinner rings. 

Mix And Match 

Never match gold with silver, darling. To that we say, nay, you should go for it! Mixing metals is slowly becoming the new norm. Balance is key, however, like everything in life. Mixing different metals gets you a subtle or statement glow, perfect for hueing your look a bit more. 

If you're feeling bold, why not go big and add silver rings in gold colored stacks? Try our Halo Fashion Ring in silver paired with our Halo Fashion Ring in gold or mix Multi Row Band ring in gold with Multi Row Band ring in silver.

If you’re feeling shy, start small. Mix gold with rose gold jewelry. Subtle, lovely, and daring. Who doesn’t love a darling fashionista?

The Left Out Hand 

We might be getting too excited about stacking pieces on our fingers. There's another hand we're forgetting about. Our other hand deserves just as much love as our go-to stack hand. Super important we keep that in mind. We don't have to have an equal amount of stack, however, it is important to keep a good balance between your hands. Adding something a little extra should do the trick. Once again, balance is key. We'd recommend adding a dainty, thin ring on the other hand. Like our Round And Marquise Lab Grown Diamond Stackable Ring.

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