How to Start Building Your Diamond Jewellery Collection

How to Start Building Your Diamond Jewellery Collection

How to Start Building Your Diamond Jewellery Collection – Dream Diamonds Jewellery



Which woman hasn’t stood before a jewellery display and sighed with longing when confronted with truly stunning pieces? Diamond jewellery especially holds true aspirational value. After all, this precious gemstone has held a special place in history since 429 BC, coveted for its luster, symbolism of status, and its mystic powers.

So, if diamonds have held a place in your heart, then now is a good time to start your own collection. Why now, you ask? Because there is a whole new world open to jewellery lovers with the advent of lab-grown diamonds, which are better for the environment and wreak significantly lesser havoc on your bank balances. Here’s how we recommend you build your fine jewellery collection:

Know Your Style But Keep In Mind
We recommend your jewellery collection should start with the classics that you will love dearly throughout your life, before you opt for the statement pieces. Styles come and go, but classics are evergreen.

Start the Scintillation Sojourn

Here is our diamond jewellery must-have list in the order to follow during your buying journey:

  • Solitaire Studs & The Tennis Bracelet: This elegant and timeless look can help you enhance any attire, from chic sweatsuits to gorgeous cocktail gowns. You can start with solitaire studs of a smaller size and upgrade them with time if you so choose. We’d recommend a set of 1 Carat diamonds for the ears and 10-20 point diamonds for the tennis bracelet. However, these styles look just right with almost any diamond size that you may choose.
  • Stackable Rings: Most women start their diamond ring collection with engagement and wedding bands. Yet, there are many layers to add to these symbols of commitment and love. Choose bands of varied thicknesses or different colours of gold. Mix and match your rings for a different style each time you step out. We’d suggest a distinctive band, each in yellow, white and rose gold, which you can wear together or separately.
  • Pendant and Chain: The allure of delicate chains that help suspend a piece of beauty at your neck. Chains can be of varying lengths and thicknesses which you can then layer or wear simply for maximum effect. Pendants can range from a solitaire to a South-Sea Pearl to a talisman, an alphabet, or a name. The options are plenty.
  • Hoops: While studs are great to don daily, sometimes the occasion demands a little variety. Hoops add a playful yet tasteful element to your attire. They can be of various lengths and widths, prong-set or pave-set or invisible-set. We’d recommend a mid-length pair to start with, not too thick nor too skinny.
  • Cocktail Rings: Once you have your essentials in the proverbial bag, we suggest you go big. Cocktail rings that make a bold statement and bedazzle the beholder with their spectacular parade of diamonds are a great addition at this point. Time to consider if you prefer a heightened look or a more flat one; if you desire asymmetric designs or geometric precision. So much to ponder on, so much more to love.
  • Celebration Earrings: From nights-out to weddings to baby showers and all kinds of celebrations, it’s time to pull out all the stops. Here, a good pair of chandelier earrings or lovely tops with dangly drops will work best. For the longer earrings - with some customization - you can always detach the top and wear them as studs when you want to.
  • Tennis Necklace: Now this is the final 'must-have' piece to add to your Pandora’s box. A single file of diamonds gracefully encircling your neck to showcase those collarbone arches to stunning effect. Depending on your budget, you can choose a smaller diamond size like 5 points or a larger size like 25 points or more. With lab-growns, you are sure to get a generous size for a more reasonable price.

Patience Is a Virtue
Remember to make each purchase special and momentous. Choose pieces that you absolutely adore because each one is a lifetime commitment. If there is even an ounce of doubt about your choice, the piece is almost certain to gather dust in the jewellery box.

The Sanctity of Trust
Only buy from a jewellery brand that (a.) offers a large selection and (b.) is transparent in its dealings. Certification for your jewellery from a neutral, well-recognized, and trusted authority is a must.

Dream Diamonds has a vast collection of stunning, lab-grown diamond jewellery for those seeking beauty and tastefulness with the added benefit of making the world a little bit better along the way. We offer IGI and GIA certified jewellery and understand the importance of integrity and trust in this industry. So, log onto and begin the scintillating journey of owning your very own piece of Dream Diamonds regalia.