Lab Grown Diamonds make their way to Hollywood

Lab Grown Diamonds make their way to Hollywood

Lab Grown Diamonds make their way to Hollywood – Dream Diamonds Jewellery

The Top Hollywood Stars That Shine Brighter With Lab-Grown Diamonds

It is an era of mindfulness and electric vehicles, of vegan lifestyles and reduced consumption, there are enough advocates of sustainability and conscious living be it youth icon and environmentalist Greta Thunberg or heartthrob and actor Leonardo DiCaprio. Easily available alternatives are making their way into daily life and consumers are spoiled for choice to make the right decision- one that keeps in mind our planet.

One remarkable change in the environmental movement is the advent of lab-grown diamonds. We don’t say this with the intent of greenwashing but simply choose to state facts - these sustainable diamonds are better for the environment and human safety and rights as well. Conflict diamonds exist and are heavily smuggled into countries to avoid detection. Miners die, holes are dug into the earth and fossil fuel is exhausted for the hedonistic pleasure of owning a bit of sparkle. While every woman is drawn to diamonds, there is now a cruelty-free option for diamond lovers and the lab-grown movement is gaining momentum

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Celebrities are using their influence to create awareness, tout their beliefs and flaunt their sparkle without guilt. Here are some of the A-listers who have adopted lab-grown diamonds wholeheartedly:

meghan markle

1. Meghan Markle:
The Duchess of Sussex who played the famed character of Racheal Zane for seven seasons of the legal drama show, 'Suits' has retired from acting since her marriage to Prince Harry in 2018. She has taken on many charitable endeavours focused on women’s issues and social justice. Even with access to royal jewels, the duchess proudly sported a delicate set of dangly earrings made of lab-grown diamonds at her first official Royal outing in London in January 2019.

2. Lady Gaga:
Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta a.k.a. Lady Gaga is an American, singer, songwriter, female actor, and winner of innumerable awards for her contributions to the field of music and cinema. She has gained recognition for movies like ‘A Star Is Born’ and songs like ‘Shallow’, ‘Rain On Me’, and ‘Alejandro’. Notably, the star owns a vegan cosmetic range called Haus Laboratories and is known for charitable work toward mental health awareness and LGBTQ rights. For the premiere of ‘A Star Is Born', the actress proudly donned a set of ethically sourced pearl cluster earrings with nine brilliant-cut lab-grown diamonds.

lady gaga


3. Penelope Cruz:
This Spanish actress is acclaimed internationally with her key roles in prominent Hollywood movies like ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’, ‘Murder on The Orient Express’ and ‘Vicky Christina Barcelona’. Her philanthropic contributions include social work in Nepal, India, and Uganda. She has worked with a key brand to create a range of jewellery using lab-grown diamonds and synthetic colour stones which have been worn on the red carpet by several notable celebrities like Zendaya and Mandy Moore.

4. Leonardo DiCaprio:
It is easy to get lyrical about this particular celebrity who melted hearts with his iconic role in the ‘Titanic’ and gave stellar performances in ‘Inception’, ‘Blood Diamond’ and many more. What is even more commendable is his unapologetic and strong advocacy in the climate change movement, promoting wildlife conservation and divesting fossil fuels. The actor has raised his voice against the use of mined diamonds and has currently invested in the lab-grown diamond industry.

5.Emma Watson:
One could claim that this child star has abundant talent as seen in her world-famous films ranging from the ‘Harry Potter’ series to ‘The Perks Of Being A Wallflower’. Her true merit lies in her strong belief systems that have ensured her credible women’s rights work and earned her a place on the list of ‘100 Most Influential People in the World’. This UN Goodwill Ambassador made a strong impact with her HeForShe campaign and continues to promote her causes with strength and temerity. The actress accentuated her look with ethically sourced, lab-grown diamond earrings, ring, cuff, and bracelet at the Vanity Fair Oscars afterparty.


From Zoe Kravitz’s earrings at the MET gala to to Camilla Mendez’s 5-carat lab-grown pink diamond, there are many celebrities who have made remarkable choices to help the environment.

Dream Diamonds prides itself on being responsible for the reduced carbon footprint of our lab-grown diamonds and for our alternatives to diamond mining. Our clients range from national icons to Hollywood A-listers to jewellery lovers – all of who appreciate the beauty of design, the fire of diamonds, and the importance of humanity and saving the environment.