Different Types of Settings

Different Types of Settings

Different styles of settings – Dream Diamonds Jewellery

A guide on the different types of ring settings for your loose diamond

Searching for the perfect setting can be overwhelming. With many different types of ring settings, it can be hard to tell what each style and design could do for your loose diamond. You want your stone cushioned in a setting reflecting your personal tastes. So, before you shop for your stone’s paves and bands, learn the different types of ring settings. Here we have listed the most common ring settings with all their possibilities.


Pave, pronounced “paw-vey,” is always trendy. Just like a romantic little paved stone pathway, a pave ring features rows of tiny stones that are fitted into small holes that are leveled along the ring’s surface. Typically, it is made from white gold or platinum metal so that stones don’t get lost. Pavé settings make a diamond appear grander. The design offers an uninterrupted flow, providing varying widths and accentuating gemstones. The setting is also level with the central diamond. However, it isn’t suitable for fragile, softer gems. This also may not be the best option if you intend on pairing it with an active lifestyle.

Tension Setting

A tension setting can make a stone float, without a bezel or prong, between the band’s compression-spring shanks, giving it a minimalistic modern yet dazzling look. Due to the pressure of the shank, however, a tension setting is only suitable for hard stones like sapphires, diamonds, and rubies. What we love about a tension setting is that it’s custom-fit. Each ring is designed to ensure the stone’s security. This, however, also makes resizing a little difficult. Only the manufacturer can resize a tension setting ring. As the stone’s girdle is without protection, this setting is recommended for occasions and not an active lifestyle.

Bar Setting

The bar setting features stones separated and held in place by thin vertical metal bars. It has a similar finish to a channel setting or pavé setting but with bars between the stones. The only naked part is the bottom and top of the stone, allowing some light and sparkle. This setting also provides added security for a stone’s girdle, which makes it fantastic for an active lifestyle. Bar settings offer a more contemporary look to an engagement ring.

Infinity Setting

Infinity settings are romantic and symbolize eternal love. It has two interlinking bands that wind together, creating an infinity symbol on either side of the ring. The interlinking band features a pavè setting or might just appear smooth and minimally designed. There are also infinity interlinking bands that feature a “twist” version with both a pavè and smooth design. Interlinking bands and metals in infinity settings are highly customizable, offering a unique ring setting. With more exposed surface area and difficulty in cleaning, this may be a setting ideal for a date night as opposed to daily use.

With this thorough guide on the different types of ring settings, we hope you and your partner are inspired to choose the most suited setting for your loose diamond and design a ring on your own. Once you have an idea of the setting you're looking for, we suggest venturing out to a jeweler like Dream Diamonds and exploring a few different ring settings to see what speaks to you.