Our Top Tips For Picking an Engagement Ring Online

Our Top Tips For Picking an Engagement Ring Online

Our Top Tips For Picking an Engagement Ring Online – Dream Diamonds Jewellery

The A, B, and Cs of the Process
The big day is approaching and you’re just a tiny bit nervous about the proposal. Will everything go off smoothly? Will this be the proposal that she’s always wanted or will she expect something different from what you’ve got planned? We can’t tell you what’s on her mind, but we can tell you what you can do to make sure she loves what’s on her hand.

Picking the perfect engagement ring is a big responsibility. There is so much to consider and so much you need to know before you commission the ring that she’ll cherish forever. So, bear in mind:

  • Money Makes The World Go Round: Yes, step 1 is to know your budget. Depending on what you’re comfortable spending, you need to consider a diamond that will suit, in addition to the cost of making the ring. Bear in mind that for the same budget, you will get a better quality and size if you choose a lab-grown diamond. And, you will be doing this world a favour too by making this responsible choice
  • Size Does Matter: Well, in this case, her ring size does matter! And you need to know it for certain before you make a purchase online. So, remember to keep this info handy
  • Don’t Surf ‘List’lessly: It’s ideal to make a list of jewellers you’d trust (and who deliver to your area) and then go through their websites to see what’s on offer, rather than aimless Pinterest scrolls. Shortlist the rings you like best from the choices on offer.

  • I ‘C’ You Baby: It’s important to know your 4Cs to make a savvy diamond decision. Your diamond price is dependent on these factors, and with some careful juggling, you can get the ideal stone for your budget.
    1. Cut: The way that light interacts with the facets of a diamond will determine its sparkle. So, a diamond with an excellent cut will have more fire while one with a poor one will seem dull. We always recommend an excellent cut diamond.
    2. Colour: Diamond Colour can range from D to Z, with D being the more appealing end of the spectrum. A D colour may increase the price of the diamond exponentially, though. We recommend an excellent cut along with a G, H, I, or J colour, depending on the budget.
    3. Clarity: Mined Diamonds can have black flecks or striations in them called inclusions. Lab-grown diamonds naturally (ironic choice of word, we know) have better clarity than mined diamonds that have spent millennia in the ground. From Internally Flawless (IF) to Slight Inclusions (SI), there is a spectrum to clarity as well. It’s safe to go with Very Slight Inclusions or Slight Inclusions.
    4. Carat: The crucial one for the naked eye, “How Big Is That Rock?” Fret not. You can always go bigger – it’s simply about whether you want to choose a mined diamond or a lab-grown one. Just remember which one is easier on the pocket and better for the environment.
  • The Most Important ‘C’: The most important thing you need to consider when buying your engagement ring online is to choose only certified diamonds and jewellery with hallmarking. The certifying authority should be an autonomous, trusted entity like “GIA” or equivalent. This is proof enough that you’re getting what you have been promised.

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  • Divine Design: Now the choices come in: Would you like to go with a white diamond or a coloured one (pink, yellow, brown, blue, or other)? Will the diamond be round, oval, pear, heart, cushion, princess, or emerald cut? Would you like to have other diamonds on either side or a ring of them embracing the centre stone? Would you like a thick band or a delicate one? White, pink, or yellow gold, or would you prefer all 3? This is where you look at an e-store that can show you enough options to help you know what she would like best.
  • Timelines: Once you’ve made your choice, it’s now about understanding delivery timelines, shipping policies, safety measures, returns, and exchanges. Once all the logistics fit in with your schedule, that’s when you close the deal.

Dream Diamonds has an array of lab-grown diamond engagement rings. Request our catalog or peruse the online store. Expect nothing but perfection for the special person you have chosen to spend your life with. Elegant, timeless designs or stunning, statement pieces – whatever your preferences may be, we’ve got just the right ring for you.