Quick Tips to Clean Your Jewellery

Quick Tips to Clean Your Jewellery

Quick Tips to Clean Your Jewellery – Dream Diamonds Jewellery

Grimy Jewels No More! Quick Tips to Clean Your Diamond Jewellery

A shiny, sparkly diamond reels in almost anyone from the one who claims to renounce it all to the one who has it all. Heck, who wouldn't be spellbound by scintillating fire and illuminating beauty? To keep that diamond sparkling however, is a matter of responsibility and timeliness.

How Often:
Jewellery tends to be worn so often or stored away in a safe somewhere and, basically, you miss the cues on when it is begging for a thorough cleanse. Dirt, grime, oil, and all things icky can find their way onto your jewellery, stuck in cracks, crevices, joints, and surfaces. So pick a day, maybe once a week or fortnight and soak, scrub, shine.

The Process:
Soak your diamond jewellery in warm, almost hot, water with two to four drops of a colourless, odorless detergent or dishwashing liquid for 20-40 minutes. You can substitute the detergent with a shampoo or a body wash as well, so long as it is not used to moisturize. Moisturizing substances will leave a layer on your diamonds (magnets for grime), reducing their sparkle.

After their luxurious soak in their bubbly warm bath, it’s time for a gentle scrub for your jewellery with a soft-bristled toothbrush. While we may want to go for a vigorous and sprightly scrub to really get into the little nooks or the underside of your diamonds, it’s important to handle your piece with care and gentleness. Use a soft cloth to dry your piece or allow it to air-dry.

Red Alert:
To put it simply, don’t use ultrasonic jewellery cleaners at home. These machines tend to move the water vigorously and can cause your diamonds to come loose or completely detach from their setting. Pave set jewellery especially, can get affected by the process, and you may have a diamond or two missing, either during the process or soon after. So, leave this bit to the jewellers who can thoroughly check your jewellery once it has been through its rigours.

Call In The Professionals:
If you’re one to wear your jewellery all the time and tend to spend a lot of time in the kitchen or outdoors or if your make-up often comes in contact with it, then it’s good to take the care more seriously. Take your piece to the jeweller who created it or to one you trust and have them do the job professionally. Also, even with the fortnightly cleansing rituals, it is best to do a half-yearly professional cleaning session with the jeweller.

But First:
The most important step, before cleaning your diamond jewellery, is… buying said jewellery, of course. And this is where you trust only Dream Diamonds to give you stunning, elegant diamond jewellery pieces made from lab-grown diamonds that help the environment and mankind too. How, you ask? Well, we don’t need to dig crater-sized holes into our planet, we don’t need to have mistreatment of miners and we don’t need to find ways to disguise conflict diamonds either. We choose the right way to enjoy beauty and grace. And we hope you do too. So, go ahead and take your pick