The 2023 Trendbook: What’s Hot in Jewel Town

The 2023 Trendbook: What’s Hot in Jewel Town

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Every season, a brand new wave of jewelry trends washes us over and gives us something to look forward to in the world of fashion. From minimalism to maximalism, futuristic and abstract, vintage and thrifted, we’ve BEEN THERE and DONE IT ALL. 

With the ever-changing rise and fall of what’s hot on TikTok, what your favorite fashion influencers are currently loving, and what ‘The Kardashians’ wore to the MET, keeping up with what's trendy can be quite the task. 

We think the hottest new trend of 2023 is embracing personal style and being comfortable in your own skin; flaunting what makes you feel confident, powerful, and the best version of yourself! 

If you’re still in the process of finding your place in jewel-town and discovering your style, sit back, relax, and let US be your personal fashion connoisseurs.

Here’s a round-up of some of our favorite trends this season with a twist: The DIAMOND edition!

  1. Less Is More: For The Fashion Minimalists
  2. The ‘less is more’ mantra is a constant hit with the fashion police and we’re sticklers for the law! Accessorizing with elegant, minimalistic diamond jewelry can take your look from 0-100 real quick. Be it a sliver of micro-gems laced across your neck, delicate tennis bracelets layered to perfection, or a gleaming band hugging your fingers, elevating your style with dainty details will always be a winner in our books! 

  3. Golden Fever: For The Classic Lovers
  4. Talk about things that never go out of style! Styling golden jewelry has and will forever be THE ULTIMATE fashion move. This sleek, shiny metal paired with timeless diamonds of all shapes and sizes is truly a sight to behold. Go casual and chunky or laid back and classic, you can never go wrong with this match made in heaven!

  5. Go Bold Or Go Home: For The Maximalist Queens
  6. Maximalism has been slowly but surely making its way into trend-ville and we DEFINITELY don't shy away from loads of diamond jewelry! Layering all kinds of metals, cuts, sizes, and shapes is a fun way to experiment with your style, try out different kinds of accessories, and have an absolute ball while doing it. Whoever said ‘More the merrier’....we sure agree!

  7. Diamonds In Full Glory: For The Bling Babies
  8. We’ve seen them steal the show on the red carpet. We’ve seen them take center stage with our favorite stars. Diamonds bring all the bling and are UNDOUBTEDLY the trendiest jewels of all time. They’re iconic as stand-alone statement pieces but also beautifully complement pearls, gemstones, and all kinds of metals. They’re making a comeback this year and we’re keeping our eyes peeled for all the fashion inspiration they’re bringing with them. 

    And with that, we conclude our quick little round up for what’s hot in 2023. But ALWAYS remember, trends come and go, but YOUR style is forever!

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