The Rising Popularity Of Radiant Cut Diamonds

The Rising Popularity Of Radiant Cut Diamonds

The Rising Popularity Of Radiant Cut Diamonds – Dream Diamonds Jewellery

The quest to find YOUR perfect diamond can quickly turn into a confusing and overwhelming rabbit hole. With the market booming with all kinds of designs and trends, it's important to find a piece that’s true to you and your style. Luckily, we know a thing or two about what’s popping in jewel-town! 

Allow us to introduce you to our current obsession: Radiant Cut Diamonds. 

Coming in hot with gorgeous aesthetics and brilliance to die for, this is everything you need to know about them before making your very first purchase…


What are Radiant cut diamonds?

This non-traditional cut of diamonds is special for all the right reasons. It combines the luminosity of a classic round with the shape and purity of an emerald cut. To break things down, a radiant-cut diamond is the love child of these two very popular picks. (add DD  images of round and emerald/rectangular diamond cuts). Created in the late 1970s by Henry Grossbard, this style of diamonds was celebrated for its novel design and intricate appearance. In a short span of fewer than 40 years, it has quickly become a highly sought-after choice and we can totally see why! The soft curves, beveled corners, and mesmerizing facet patterns make for a unique-looking diamond that refracts light beautifully. Be it set in a band for an engagement ring, atop pearls in earrings, or as a stand-alone pendant, radiant cut diamonds steal the show every single time!



Radiant Cut vs Emerald Cut: Sisters or Twins?

When it comes to general appearance and shape, radiant cut diamonds and emerald cut diamonds can tend to look very similar. However, on closer inspection, they each stand out in their own wonderful ways. The radiant cut of a diamond can be identified by its cropped, rounded corners, while emerald cuts have distinct, bold ones that are sharp and crisp. A key difference that separates them is their faceting. It determines the ultimate sparkle of the stone and its ability to reflect light. Since radiant cuts have a larger number of smaller facets, they dazzle like a dream. Emerald cuts, on the other hand, have fewer facets that are larger in size. This highlights the purity and clarity of the stone, making it a subtler choice. 


Why opt for a Radiant cut?

What makes this particular style a hit in our books is how forgiving it is when it comes to inclusions. The sheer amount of faceting work that goes into cutting and crafting them minimizes visible flaws. The result is a high-quality, durable gemstone that shines with great intensity. To add to it all, hybrid diamonds like these are a contemporary choice and make for a versatile style statement. It's an elegant way to mix things up, try something new, and sport a diamond in a fun, modern way.

We rest our case!

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