The Tale of the Hidden Halo: Is it Really Worth the Hype?

The Tale of the Hidden Halo: Is it Really Worth the Hype?

The Tale of the Hidden Halo: Is it Really Worth the Hype? – Dream Diamonds Jewellery

What’s better than a halo of diamonds with a brilliant stone set in the center?

ANOTHER hidden halo of diamonds!

Halo diamond jewellery peaked in the early 2000s because of its stylish and bedazzling appeal. A beautiful row of micro diamonds that host a spectacular central piece is an unmatched fashion choice indeed. And while halo engagement rings continue to be a popular choice even today, there’s been a little bit of a plot twist that we ABSOLUTELY love….

Say hello to the newest trend in town: The Hidden Halos

So….what are hidden halos, you might ask?

Only the most ‘quiet’ way to wear an engagement ring, of course!

Hidden Halo rings are more than what meets the eye. They are a stunning variant of the traditional halo engagement rings that we’ve known and loved over the years. What makes them special is an additional row of lab-grown diamonds tucked away elegantly under the solitaire/gem of choice, taking the original design to the next level. The result is a stunning piece of jewellery that dazzles from every angle, in all kinds of light!

This contemporary take on a timeless trend is absolute perfection, especially for the modern bride looking for that extra bit of oomph. Here's why we love this hot new trend and HIGHLY recommend trying it out for yourself:


1. It Works with Every Diamond ShapeWhether you opt for a classic round, an edgy emerald, or a timeless marquise, the hidden halo style of ring is sure to beautifully compliment your lab-grown diamond of choice. The secret row of micro-gems elevates the center stone and gives multiple design choices an opportunity to take the front seat. The versatility, flexibility, and creativity hidden halo rings provide make them a hit in our books!

2. It Enhances the Center Stone: The hidden halo sits elegantly below the base of the central stone, making it POP and getting all the attention a diamond truly deserves! This ever-so-gentle elevation refracts light from every angle and looks like a million bucks. We can't think of a single reason to say no to that!

3. It Allows for ExperimentationMaking an atypical engagement ring choice is a fun, bold move and we ABSOLUTELY support the decision. What better way to start than by going for a hidden halo, playing with placement and design, and mixing up the metals. Creating the right contrast and spacing is the key to a stunning hidden halo engagement ring.

4. It makes for quite the conversation starterThe combination of an elevated base, a row of micro-diamonds, a prominent center stone, and a gem-studded band is an unparalleled marriage made in diamond heaven. The sheer brilliance and shine that a hidden halo brings to any ring is worth all the hype that surrounds this trend!