Anniversary rings - bands for every milestone

Anniversary rings - bands for every milestone

Anniversary rings - bands for every milestone – Dream Diamonds Jewellery

Your anniversary is one of the most special days of the year. You, as well as your sweetheart, deserve special gifts in the form of anniversary rings.


What is an anniversary ring?

An anniversary ring is a band symbolizing a milestone in your marriage and usually comes with many diamonds or gemstones. Just as your anniversary marks the celebration of your togetherness, these rings do the same. They symbolize a lifelong bond and the joys the couple has experienced together.

How do you wear an anniversary ring?

There’s no set rule. Your partner can wear this ring on any finger they like and on either hand. Some place the ring on the opposite hand’s ring finger, while others wear their anniversary ring alongside their wedding and engagement rings. Some forgo engagement and wedding rings and just wear the anniversary band. Some also trade in a wedding band and put the value toward the anniversary ring. Most people wear their anniversary ring on their right-hand ring finger.


Anniversary rings for major milestones

Anniversary rings are most commonly gifted at major anniversaries, like 1, 5, 10, and 20 years. The perfect set of anniversary rings is whatever feels right for your relationship. Below, we’ve covered our pics for every anniversary you and your partner celebrate.

1st Anniversary: Gold

Giving gold jewellery on your first anniversary is a great way to celebrate how far you’ve come, as well as how much further you can go together. It is first of all traditional to exchange gold jewellery for 1-year anniversary rings. Most couples opt for a matching set for him and her or a simple gold stacking ring. This is one of the least costly anniversaries to celebrate with jewellery as there's no customary gemstone for first-anniversary jewellery.


5th Anniversary: Sapphire

A sapphire ring is a perfect way to celebrate your first major wedding anniversary. It is, after all, the suggested gemstone for your 5-year anniversary ring. Saphire rings historically symbolize truth and loyalty, as they are eye-catching and extremely durable.

10th Anniversary: Diamond

It’s customary to give a diamond anniversary band for your 10-year anniversary ring. Your partner can stack a pretty diamond alongside her engagement ring and wedding band. Congratulations on celebrating 10 years of marriage!

15th Anniversary: Ruby

Ruby jewellery is an excellent choice for your 15 year anniversary ring. Rubies have long represented love and passion throughout the ages. They look fantastic set in silvery and yellow gold metals, particularly alongside other precious gemstones in an anniversary band!

20th Anniversary: Emerald

A 20th wedding anniversary deserves an equally special and rare gemstone. Emerald is the traditional gemstone for this major milestone. 20th-anniversary rings with a stunning green color add style and sophistication to any engagement and wedding ring set.

Anniversary rings for major milestones

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