How to Secretly Size a Ring for Your Loved One!

How to Secretly Size a Ring for Your Loved One!

How to Secretly Size a Ring for Your Loved One! – Dream Diamonds Jewellery

Now that you’re ready to put a ring on it, we’re here to help you make it extra special, easy, and fuss-free. We make your lab-grown diamond engagement rings special and you are set to make your moment special! Together, we’ll make this timeless for you and your partner. Let’s begin our mission to get the perfect fit! Put on your spy glasses, and let your inner Sherlock Holmes take charge! This task is one of the most important steps you’re about to take in your life. So, let’s get this right. No more googling ‘ how to measure my fiance's ring size?’ 

It is important to keep it discreet, so here are a couple of easy ideas to make this happen. Borrow a ring they wear infrequently and have us measure it. Alternatively, trace the inside of a ring on paper for size estimation. Check their jewelry box for a ring worn on the intended finger and note the finger it's worn on. You could also engage their close friends or family to subtly gather Australian ring size chart information. Finally, make a game of guessing ring sizes together as a fun way to gauge preferences without revealing your intentions. Choose a method that suits your partner's habits and maintain secrecy for the element of surprise.

The best way to execute this is with a Free Ring Sizer!

To measure your ring size using a free ring sizer tape measure, start by wrapping the tape around the base of the finger where you intend to wear the ring. Make sure it's snug but comfortable, and note the measurement where the tape overlaps. Record this measurement in millimeters or inches. Use a ring size chart or online calculator to get the ring size conversion measurement of your ring size. Double-check the size by trying on rings in the determined size at Dream Diamonds for accuracy. 

Ring Size guide

To make this super easy for you, here’s a step-by-step guide. Get your notebooks, and let’s make this process foolproof! 

Obtain a Ring Sizer Tape Measure (tip: get it from us *wink wink*)

Print and Assemble the Ring Sizer Tape Measure (if necessary)

Wrap the Ring Sizer Around Your Finger

Adjust the Sizer for Comfort

Read the Measurement

Check for Accuracy (come to us with your measurements, we’ll check for you!)

Determine ring size

Ring Size Tips And Facts

DIY Ring Sizing Tools:

Use printable ring size charts or ring sizer tape measures for at-home measurements.

Precision Matters:

Strive for accurate ring size conversion to minimize the need for resizing and maintain ring integrity.

Professional Guidance:

Feel free to reach out to Diamond Chemistry to ensure a perfect fit, especially for important or custom-made lab-grown diamond engagement rings.

Avoid Size Guessing:

Guessing a size is risky; use reliable methods to determine the correct size and refer the accurate Australian ring size chart.

Prioritize Comfort:

Choose a size that feels comfortable and secure for everyday wear.

Remember, getting the right ring size is essential for a comfortable and enjoyable wearing experience. Use reliable methods and reach out to us when needed.

Pro Tip: Remember to consider factors like weather and the width of the ring when determining the appropriate ring size. This simple and accurate method ensures a comfortable and well-fitting ring.

You’re now absolutely ready to get this mission started! Finding a perfect fit for the size is equally important as finding the one. And we’re glad you’ve got both. Time to execute the idea and make your dream proposal come true.