The Future of Diamonds

The Future of Diamonds

The Future of Diamonds – Dream Diamonds Jewellery

From Mined to Lab-Grown, Diamonds have Evolved!

Diamonds have always been sirens, seducing many with their fire and appeal. But, while everyone, especially women, covets these wonders, their price often makes them available to only a select few. Until recently!


Enter lab-grown diamonds. Scientists worldwide applied their genius to reduce the carbon footprint of acquiring these rocks and make them more accessible. Lab-grown diamonds have the same physical, optical and chemical properties as natural diamonds. From industry experts to laypeople, almost anyone finds it impossible to tell a lab-grown diamond apart from its natural counterpart. Only a gamut of tests using high-grade equipment can help you tell the difference between the two. 

So, you now can own what looks like a diamond, feels like a diamond, and is, in fact, a diamond, for almost half the price of a natural diamond. Whats more? It has a better environmental impact. Well, that pretty much settles it. Now we know why superstars in the industry have also accommodated and adapted to include these beauties into their jewellery offerings.

The Labgrown Diamond Pros:

1. Humanity:
A diamond is a girl’s best friend, but a lab-grown diamond is the environment’s best friend. Diamond mines are extremely large holes dug into the Earth that require immense amounts of fossil fuels for extraction. Mined diamonds have been known to cause damage to watersheds and ecosystems as well. The digging of one single diamond mine may require the cutting down of over 400,000 trees. To create a fully sustainable model, many companies of lab-grown diamonds are already using renewable energy in their processes. Mining of natural diamonds is also controversial due to the mistreatment and low safety of the miners despite the checks in place. Lab-grown diamonds are made with Earth-positive processes and are entirely conflict-free.

2. Quality:
Lab-grown diamonds enjoy a higher purity than most natural diamonds that are blasted out of the Earth during mining causing a strain on the crystal structure. They tend to be brighter and whiter as they do not have any dirt or impurities ingrained in them. As lab-grown diamonds are cultured under carefully controlled conditions, a significantly larger percentage of them enjoy a higher purity rating than their natural counterparts.

3. Transparency:
Lab-grown diamonds are certified as such by independent and neutral quality control bodies. They are graded with the same stringent measures as natural diamonds in terms of cut, colour, carats, and clarity. The precision of the cut determines the brilliance of the diamond and is the most important factor. The lack of colour in white diamonds fetches a higher price. The clarity refers to a lack of impurities or striations in the gemstone. The carats, of course, gauge the size and weight. With lab-grown diamonds, you are clear on the quality of gemstone procured in addition to the origin of the gemstone leading to guilt-free enjoyment of your jewellery.

4. Affordability:
This here is a key criterion too. Owing to an efficient supply chain, lab-grown diamonds (depending on the quality) tend to be almost 40% lesser in pricing than the equivalent natural gemstone. So, within the same budget, you can procure a bigger-sized stone with better quality parameters, or you can invest a fraction of the planned budget into the gemstone and save the rest for a rainy day... or splurge on other indulgences. It’s a win-win either way. Your pocket thanks you just as much as Mother Earth.

Dream Diamonds came into being in a bid to allow a more conscious lifestyle. Diamonds are eternal but the duress that mined diamonds cause has eternal ripple effects as well. We invite each connoisseur of jewellery and admirer of this beautiful gemstone to step forward and choose the conflict-free route that our scintillating lab-grown diamonds provide.