Timeless Tales of the Tennis Bracelet

Timeless Tales of the Tennis Bracelet

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Timeless Tales of the Tennis Bracelet & The Rise of Tennis Necklaces

If there ever is a classic diamond adornment that everyone wants in their jewellery box, it is the tennis bracelet – a flexible string of diamonds that artfully drapes around your wrist. A style that was prevalent since the 1920s, this bauble was earlier called an eternity bracelet to represent the never-ending nature of true commitment and love. So, what prompted the moniker of 'tennis bracelet'?

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Needless to say, it was the game of tennis and one particular player, Chris Evert, who sensationalized the trend. Popular for her style and her skill, this tennis icon oft sported a sparkly eternity bracelet clasped loosely around her wrist, allowing flexibility of motion while also bringing in the glamour quotient to her chic sporty looks. This seemed to fascinate the public who had not, until then, seen jewellery clubbed with casual sporting attire. What made the style wildly popular, however, was an incident where said bracelet flew off Evert’s wrist during the 1978 U.S. Open, and play was paused while she searched for the missing bauble. While some historians debate the year of the match, it is clear that it was Evert who re-awakened the style, which was then coined as “tennis bracelet” by persons unknown.

The Tennis Bracelet Today:

Today the tennis bracelet is still a coveted style, that remains eternal and elegant whether you chose a single string of similarly shaped and sized diamonds or an assortment. Many choose to layer their tennis bracelets with other cuffs, watches, or hardware while others bring this piece into the limelight in its solitary glory. This jewellery must-have can be clubbed with a grungy sweatsuit or a svelte cocktail gown and everything in between. Serena Williams continued her patronage of the trend during her tennis matches while Meghan Markle wore the style formally at the Prince of Wales’ 70th birthday celebration. Versatility being its strong suit, this century-old style is as iconic as it is evergreen, with insurmountable grace and beauty being a given.

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What the Deuce is a Tennis Necklace?

Conventionally called a rivière, these tennis necklaces involve a flexibly set, single, unbroken file of similar shaped and sized diamonds that gracefully sit around the neck in a semi-choker fashion. While rivières were slightly longer, the trend of tennis necklaces today includes a snappier choker length to fit well against the neck. The size of the diamonds used here can vary from a smaller size of about 1 carat to a string of 1-carat solitaires or more depending on the budget. With the pandemic, a lot of people have upgraded their treasures to include tennis bracelets and necklaces to support the casual chic look. And just like the tennis bracelet, the necklace also works with varied styles, from jogger sets to sports attire to workwear to red-carpet looks. It can be worn as a single stunning line or stacked with other neckpieces.

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Who Wore It Better?

From Naomi Campbell to Jennifer Lawrence, from Zendaya to Lily James, the classic tennis necklace has made its appearance on the red carpet with an unmatched beauty. While Angelina Jolie chose a string of assorted shaped diamonds of a longer length, Rosie Huntington-Whitley chose a continuous strand of diamonds in several cuts accentuated by a diamond bow set to one side. Uma Thurman wore two strands of diamonds in graduating sizes while Blake Lively stacked multiple strands of different lengths. People have various sizes, settings, shapes, and styles for their tennis necklace, but what is common, is the stunning nature of this seemingly simple design that enhances a look, draws attention to those delicate collar bones, and sparkles up a storm on your body.

Dream About Owning It?

A sizable tennis bracelet or necklace can make a significant impact on the pocket owing to the continuous string of sizable diamonds. With conventionally mined diamonds the costs can be exorbitant and the impact on the environment immeasurable. Dream Diamonds has a vast collection of lab-grown diamond tennis bracelets and necklaces that represent elegance, good taste, and a strong sense of responsibility towards the environment. Whether you seek a graduating necklace of round diamonds or a file of large-sized ovals, we have options aplenty to best suit your sense of style.