Which diamond cut has the most sparkle?

Which diamond cut has the most sparkle?

Which diamond cut has the most sparkle? – Dream Diamonds Jewellery

What makes a diamond absolutely PERFECT in your eyes? For most people, the answer lies in the incredible sparkle and pure magic these gems create whenever they're adorned. And guess what? We couldn't agree more!

It goes without saying that the most popular, eye-catching diamonds are the sparkliest ones out there. But what makes our lab-grown diamonds shine like no other? Do some cuts of diamonds sparkle more than others? Let's get you some answers!

What makes a diamond sparkle?

It's all just simple science. The sparkle of a diamond comes from its ability to reflect and refract light. To put it simply, the more light a diamond reflects, the shinier it appears to the person looking at it. This means two things: a diamond with more facets (flat surfaces cut into a gemstone) sparkles brighter, HENCE a diamond can be cut a sure way to enhance its shine. 

What diamond cut is the sparkliest?

Round-cut diamonds are, without a doubt, the sparkliest of the lot. Their radiance and shine go unmatched when cut by an expert. A standard round-cut diamond typically has 58 facets, each one precisely cut to give the optimal amount of shine. Their exquisite appeal and quintessential shape make round-cut diamonds the perfect choice (and quite the popular one in the market.) 




A special mention to princess, radiant, and cushion cut diamonds for being close contenders, that are well-known for their breathtaking shine as well.



How do I pick out the sparkliest diamond?

With a number of shapes, sizes, and styles of lab-grown diamonds to choose from, it can get tricky to pick out THE ONE for you. Luckily, we’ve got some handy tips and tricks to help you make the sparkliest choice!

Apart from the cut, the 2 C’s that play an important role in determining how bright your diamond will shine are COLOUR and CLARITY. 

Because they reflect white light, a clear, colorless diamond produces the best sparkle and shine. Opt for a ‘D’ graded diamond on the GIA’s colour-grade scale for best results. As for clarity, it refers to how rare and flawless a diamond is. The fewer inclusions and blemishes present, the better and more brilliant the overall sparkle!

At Dream Diamonds, we’ve got an assortment of lab-grown jewelry to match all your styles, occasions, and moods. Now that you’re quite the sparkle connoisseur, it’s time to make a blinding purchase that’ll turn heads everywhere you go!

Happy shopping…